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Markus Stetter

Markus is group leader in the Institute for Plant Sciences at the University of Cologne read more


Akanksha Singh

Akanksha studies the introduction history of grain amaranth to India and the sources of adaptive alleles.

PhD students

Corbinian Graf

Corbinian is a PhD student studying the genetic landscape of grain amaranth and how it changed during the repeated domestication.

José Dias

José is a PhD student studying gene flow between grain amaranth species and their wild relatives to reconstruct the domestication history of the crop.

Kerstin Schulz

Kerstin is a PhD student and part of the CEPLAS graduate school. Kerstin employs ancestral recombination graphs to study the evolution of maize

Susanne Vollmer

Susanne is a PhD student and part of the CEPLAS graduate school in collaboration with the Hensel lab at HHU. Susanne advances various molecular methods for amaranth and dissects the regulation of seed color adaptation.

Tom Winkler

Tom is a master student studying the the amaranth transcriptome and the involvement of transcriptomic changes in metabolic pathways

Lab manager

Roswitha Lentz

Roswitha runs the wet lab and does the pipetting magic

Master students

Julio Martinez

Julio is a master student working on the molecular validation of domestication genes in grain amaranth and the conservation of the MBW regulation network.

Bachelor students

Vivien Pluekthun

Vivien studies genetic determinants of germination in grain amaranth.

Student helpers and interns

Jan Krause

Jan is the seed wizard in the lab.

Emily Rywelski

Emily works on pollen nucleous extraction and cell sorting.

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